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Asbestos Compensation Claims UK

Shaw and Co Solicitors UK handle Mesothelioma claims for workers who have suffered illness due to exposure to Asbestos and specialise in Asbestos compensation claims. 

Personal injury, in the form of industrial injury,, related to the inhalation of Asbestos is an area of expertise at Shaw and Co Solicitors UK. Our team of personal injury solicitors have successfully claimed compensation for clients who have developed serious health problems, as a result of working with Asbestos.

Victims are entitled to compensation, along with their loved ones they leave behind.

The development of Mesothelioma, after workplace exposure to Asbestos, is a serious industrial injury, for which compensation should be claimed. Contact Shaw and Co Solicitors UK, for a no obligation consultation about your Asbestos compensation claim. We operate on a strictly No Win No Fee basis.


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Mesothelioma Compensation After Grandfather's Death

When retired scaffolder Ken Hoggett heard he was dying because of an industrial disaster four decades earlier, he told his family: "Something should be done about this".

And after painstaking research and detective work, something finally has. Shaw & Co Solicitors personal injury specialist Rebecca Moore-Yelland worked to trace the company - now defunct - he had worked for in 1965 when three giant cooling towers at South Yorkshire's Ferrybridge power station collapsed in 100mph winds.



Miner's Compensation Claim Case Makes Legal History

Former mine worker Ray Noble died because the National Coal Board failed to protect him from asbestos exposure being used underground in the 1960s.

But his passing away made legal history, and opened the way for untold other victims to claim compensation for asbestos exposure.

The rare cancer which killed him did not strike for decades, making it difficult after his death to locate records and evidence to support his family’s claim for compensation.



Asbestos Exposure Compensation Won For Factory Employee

Shaw and Co Solicitors UK successfully claimed asbestos exposure compensation in respect of a former boiler room worker.

Our client had been employed for many years at the same factory when he was exposed to asbestos dust during the routine repair and maintenance that was carried out in the boiler house.

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