SPECIALISMS - Accident At Work Compensation Claim UK

Accident At Work Compensation Claim UK

Workplace accidents and workplace accident compensation claims are an area of personal injury in which Shaw and Co Solicitors UK have over 15 years of experience. We have, for instance, represented compensation claimants who have suffered an accident in the workplace ranging from Building Site Accidents, Industrial Disease Compensation Claims and Health & Safety Accidents. These claims can include; falling from scaffolding, insufficient training in the use of machinery and equipment or being hit by a forklift truck. 

We have dealt with general office accident claims, such as slipping on a wet floor at work or tripping on a cable in the office, through to more complex cases of industrial injury, such as industrial deafness compensation claims and dangerous occupational accidents. We have an excellent team of personal injury experts, who win compensation for Vibration White Finger Claims, Construction Site Accident Claims and Crush Injury Claims. Crush injuries can range in severity, between fingers trapped in a door or furniture, through to serious injury caused by the use of heavy machinery. Shaw and Co Personal Injury Solicitors UK pursue compensation for workplace related personal injuries, such as Crush Injury Claims, on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you have suffered a personal injury because of an accident at ’work, contact Shaw and Co Solicitors UK, for a free no obligation consultation, about your claim for accident compensation. Our FREEPHONE number is 0800 389 1590.


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Workplace Accident Compensation Awarded

A building firm whose worker was hit by a reversing truck - then blamed him for not getting out of the way - has had to pay his widow £230,000 compensation for the personal injury.


The company claimed it was partly the man’s own fault that he was hit from behind by the nine-tonne machine, which then drove over him twice. Shaw and Co Solicitors UK personal injury solicitors secured the accident compensation for the family.



Personal Injury Claims UK - Some Recent Compensation Settlements

Shaw and Co Solicitors UK have long experience of winning compensation for clients who have been injured as a result of accidents at work.  Our solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne and Doncaster have represented victims of work place accidents throughout England and Wales and have dealt with a wide range of claims successfully on behalf of clients.

The types of claims we have settled recently include the following situations.



Workplace Accident Compensation Claims UK Won By Shaw and Co Solicitors UK

Slips and trips in the workplace are a common source of accident whether you are employed in manufacturing, retail or the services sector.

The employer has a duty to ensure that the workplace is free from slipping and tripping hazards and below are examples of cases where Shaw and Co Solicitors recovered compensation on behalf of clients when their employer failed to keep the workplace safe.

Shaw and Co Solicitors UK Personal Injury Solicitors represent all of their Clients on a No Win No Fee basis.



Shaw & Co Solicitors UK Advise on GP Sexual Abuse Cases

Barclays bank JOBS Medicals 'were sex assaults' and If dR GORDON BATES was alive he would be prosecuted, sayS NORTHUMBRIA police.

Shaw and Co Solicitors has begun legal action for negligence against Barclays Bank on behalf of dozens of people inappropriately examined by Dr Gordon Bates.

The GP was hired by Barclays for health checks on teenage job seekers who had been offered work with the company in the 1970s and 80s.




Personal Injury Claims In The News

There are two stories, in particular, that have caught our eye in the last few weeks.


Medical Negligence Compensation Claim.


Firstly the tragic case of Helen Edgar who died, aged 41, after medical staff failed to diagnose that she was suffering from a serious infection of necrotising fasciitis. Her illness started on the 18th May and she sadly died a week later on the 26th May, despite the disease being finally diagnosed shortly before her death.


The West Sussex NHS Trust Foundation admitted liability in the claim and damages were awarded in the sum of £415,000.


Even though cases like this are thankfully very rare, it does illustrate that hospitals have to be extremely vigilant in treating patients who may be suffering from diverse symptoms where the diagnosis of the underlying condition is not immediately obvious.


The fact that the condition and treatment are complex does not lessen the standard of care expected.



Personal Injury Claims In The News

Litigants In Person - LIPs


Over the next 12 months there will be more news about changes to the Count Court thresholds for "Small Claims".

If a case is classed as a "Small Claim", people are encouraged to represent themselves and the court adopts a simplified approach to dealing with said cases.

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