Chris Shaw, Senior Personal Injury Solicitor in Newcastle, founded his law firm in 1997 to give people a way of using the legal system to right the wrongs in their lives.

He had trained with a practice which handled a wide range of work for trades unions and their members - people who had developed industrial illness or suffered personal injury at work. It was through this that he developed an interest in personal injury, and a conviction that he should do his best to offer real solutions, in the shape of compensation, to clients who bring him real problems.

“I became particularly interested in those who had suffered the effects of asbestos and industrial disease, dermatitis and respiratory illnesses,” he says.

“I saw people who had suffered because of the conditions they endured in their working environment and who needed a way to deal with the effect that this was having on their lives.

“They had been asked to pay too high a price - their health - and I saw at least part of my job as making sure they got the compensation that they were entitled to, and that those responsible paid what was due.”

After university, Chris spent several years as a strategic planner in the transport industry before deciding he needed a more fulfilling career.

He returned to university, qualified in 1991, and built up the firm of  Personal Injury Solicitors in Newcastle upon Tyne, with further branches in Doncaster and Telford. The law firm now employs 18 staff working for one of the few truly expert companies dealing exclusively in personal injury issues.

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